The Fair Seas Solution

The Challenge

The fishing industry is a major producer of much needed food for a growing world population, but unlike any other major source of animal protein, fish are hunted animals and fishermen are the hunters taking their bounty from the wild seas. This raises some very real concerns about nature’s ability to replenish itself – we now know from bitter experience that the oceans are not inexhaustible, so catches must be in harmony with nature’s cycles, or else the seas will soon be depleted.

Fishing activities impact directly on the marine environment, so it is not only the populations of exploited fish stocks which have to be considered, but other interactions with the environment and eco-system also need to be considered if seafood is to be considered truly sustainable.

With so many types of seafood available, from so many places, caught by so many different fishing methods, it is sometimes difficult for buyers to know if they are making the right choices.

The Fair Seas Solution

Fair Seas offers a bespoke service to seafood buyers of all sizes, helping them navigate through the complex areas of biology, ecology, and governance, to ensure that they have the most up to date and informed policies on a wide range of seafood sustainability issues.